Harry Sneed

SoRing Kft Hungary & Technical University of Dresden, HUNGARY


I have been testing software since 1977. I developed the first German testing tool — Prüfstand for Siemens. I established the first offshore testing center in Budapest to test for Siemens. I have developed 11 different testing tools. I have written 6 books on software testing. The last was on Integration testing in 2013. I have taken part in over 20 test projects. My latest test project is testing the data migration at the Austrian state archives. Before that I tested the software migration of the payroll system at the state of Burgenland in Austria. Next to my projects, I teach at the Technical University of Dresden, the technical University of Vienna, the Fachhochscule Vienna and the Fachhochschule Hagenberg. I have published over 120 papers and articles on testing.


Topic: Testing Techniques

This presentation describes a current test project to validate the migration of the legal documents in the Austrian state archives. The data is being restructured and converted from a MicroSoft SQL Database to a Postgress XML database. The test is fully automated. Test Cases are extracted from the data specifications. Sample test data is taken from the existing production data. The new output data is checked against the old data and the specified test conditions. 19 different data tables with more than 7 million data elements have been tested so far.


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