Natalia Pletnyova



Now I am working as a QA Engineer at “Okko”, a premium VOD service in Russia.
I have been testing the service on different platforms, such as Smart TV, Android, iOS, and PlayStation.
Previously worked at a OSS company in the web devices department.
Lately, I have been focused mainly on backend testing. Along with that, I am going to get a master’s degree at the Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications and writing a thesis on Operation Support System/Business Support System in IoT.


Topic: Testing a modern web application for a video service

Most of the social networks, online-media and other legal online services in Russia make money off advertising. Also Russian online video services have to compete with widely accessible and commonly used torrent-trackers with free piracy content.

The aim of the presentation is to answer the following questions: how to make and test a legal video service, be self-sustained and realize a profit? How to set up a high load site and do not go out of business?

First of all, this presentation reveals a process of creating a successful video-on-demand service starting from the ground up and then maintaining a number of video players, ensuring security of the content with different types of the DRM.

Secondly, It tells what technologies and tools could be used. Finally, I will address organization of CI processes, our struggling with the Search Engine Optimization and its relation to compiling a text database for content managers.

In addition, the paper provides some ideas on making software and test engineer’s life easier when it comes to split tests and marketing and outlines a plan of further development of the service.


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