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Alon Fliess is the Chief Architect and founder of CodeValue. CodeValue is a leading software company, consists of locally and internationally acclaimed technology experts. With more than 25 years of experience Alon has done many major software development, design and architecture for global leading and cutting edge companies. Alon is recognized as a Microsoft Regional Director and a Microsoft Azure MVP. Alon has expertise in many technologies, be it Microsoft Azure Development, Internet of Things – hardware & software development, .NET with C# on Windows (UWP) and Linux (.NET Core), C++ cross-platform development (Windows, Linux & embedded).


Topic: Past, Present & Future of C# Debugging

In the past – debugging was a task for the Spartan developer. We had to debug with Console.WriteLine like cavemen. The present is nice and easy. But, the future will be magical! We’ll be able to debug in a way no man has experienced before. Ever wonder how you can easily debug LINQ queries? Or find which part of the code has changed the object state? Have you ever wanted understand the flow of execution without mindlessly single stepping into through each line of code like a zombie? This session explains how to apply the scientific method to debugging to enhance productivity and solve bugs faster. We will explore the Visual Studio debugger, and see how the new IntelliTrace Step Back button allows you to time-travel to the past, and look at the OzCode debugger which allows you to time travel to the future and solve bugs before they even occur. Your debugging experience will never be the same!

You will learn:

• A systematic method to find and solve bugs
• Advanced Visual Studio debugging capabilities to control the debugging session
• Advanced OzCode debugging tools that will save you time
• LINQ debugging
• Rewriting history with a time travelling debugger.


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