Geoffrey van der Tas



Geoffrey is an enthusiastic professional and a real explorer. As an explorer he likes to discover new things, learn more and get inspired. He started his career in testing as a tester and later as test manager and test consultant. He helped to make sure software products obtained a high quality standard. But his curious and discovering nature is never satisfied with just testing. This led him to the agile way of working and he consulted his first Scrum project 5 years ago. He experienced this way was more effective, but it struggled with delivering quality.  So his focus became to help customers to get better quality with more effective ways of refinements, testing & test automation.

Currently he is working for Ordina in the role of test lead. He helps create new trainings and is a consultant for customers. Helping them to implement the agile way of working and deliver software faster & with higher quality. His great passion is to inspire others, teach professionals and help companies with tackling their struggles.


Topic: Quality Engineer in the DevOps Time Periode

Testing, Quality Assurance and delivering quality. It all radically changed over the last few years. This all because of our new agile way of creating software. Now the last evolution called DevOps has been taking the stage more & more in the last 2 years. But how do you really deliver quality if changes go faster, when we are all working together & we are not supposed to be only testing. So what is the new role of testing? During this presentation we will take a look at:

  • What are the good practices we need to keep;
  • What are the things we need to forget from the olden days;
  • What new things do we need to learn;
  • How will we get there?
  • Do we still need manual testers?
  • How does it work for big banks like ING & Rabobank?


During this presentation we will give insight in practices and answer all questions raised above. Furthermore I will show what are the biggest pitfalls of companies I have consulted. All these things can help you to build software ‘first time right’ while being faster. But most importantly he presentation itself, it will be full of the most powerful tool for future DevOps development: examples!


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