Ivan Katunou

Epam Systems, Belarus


Team Lead, Resource Manager. More than 11 years in IT, 8 years in test automation. Primary areas – Mobile, Backend, Web services. Organizer of “Morning Coffee with automation engineers” meetups, teacher of test automation.


Topic: Test Design and Automation for REST API

One day you might become responsible for testing of a RESTful API service. When you face it for the first time you might ask a lot of questions. What is special and what is common about RESTful API services testing comparing to other application types? What test coverage is good enough? Which best practices exist for REST API test automation? During the presentation we’ll compare RESTful API services with other application types, discuss how to take into account the differences for our testing. We’ll recall basic test design approaches that can be leveraged for REST API testing. We’ll make a decision on which test coverage is good enough for us and which factors it might depend on. And we’ll take a look at the approaches for automated testing for RESTful API services and for storing test data, which set of tools and technologies might help us for effective testing.


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