Kamil Pyć



Kamil is developing iOS applications for over 6 years. In work he strongly believes that everything can be automated and tested. In his free time he creates crazy projects during hackathons and travels around the world.


Topic: Ogres, onions and layers – story about tests at scale

We want to take you on the journey through different layers of tests in an iOS app that’s used by more than half million unique users per month. Get to know the way we test it, layer by layer. We start with advanced code static analysis, continue with mutation, snapshot and functional tests. We carry on with continuous delivery, A/B tests and usability tests. We want to share with you which tools we are using and what testing practices we believe in. Although examples in the presentation will base on iOS app development, described problems and solutions are not limited to this platform. We speak from tester’s and developer’s perspective, we know both subjects from everyday life work. We rely on examples, problems and solutions that we know from our experience. We are not afraid of talking about real mistakes, as we believe this is the best way to learn.


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