Leo Laskin



Leo Laskin, Sauce Labs’ Sr. Solutions Architect, comes from a decade plus background QA experience. Coming up in the ranks from manual tester to automation, management and QA architecture, Leo has seen it all. His perspective comes from years of leading teams and identifying bottlenecks and roadblocks in QA and CI/CD processes to increase product quality. A big proponent of Open Source, Leo has been a member of the Selenium Contributor’s community for over 5 years. He holds a BS in CS from the University of Massachusetts.


Topic: Continuous Testing for Mobile Applications and Websites

During this talk, Leo Laskin will demonstrate the vital importance of automated testing for the development of mobile apps. He will show how a CI/CD process can be implemented to reach rapid deployment of your apps, as well as how to define and design efficient tests for best results.

Attendees of this talk will leave with:
* Understanding of the importance of automated testing in a continuous development/deployment process.
* Understanding how to set up a continuous deployment pipeline to incorporate testing in isolation/branch testing.
* Understanding how to design efficient tests and test suites for testing in isolation.


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