Michal Buczko

NewVoiceMedia, POLAND


My „Business as Usual” is varied and exciting. I am part of a Dev feature team in NewVoiceMedia home where I am the advocate for great and efficient testing. I give my insight in design of the features, the definition of the scope of testing and work with Developers to create automated tests for our Continuous Integration and Delivery platform. I try to be responsible for sharing „new-fancy stuff” with others and helping people grow as individuals. I am involved in various activities including testing, security, business analysis and more recently has taken a step into the world of the Product Owner.


Topic: Automated Security Scanning in Payment Card Industry

We currently live in the QA world focused in two topics: Automation and Cybersecurity. As the feel completely separated I want to show You how easy You can move from one to another. Inside my presentation I will give You a small context of my PCI requirements for card payments. Then we will move to a short definition of most popular automation and how to enhance it with security scanning. With low investments and entry knowledge how to start playing with tolls like automated scanners. How to combine them with Selenium test automation. Prove to You that such connection works and is able to deliver Security Scanning results in PCI DSS compliant environment. This is will be an easy tutorial how to reuse Your existing automation to get additional security scans results with almost minimum effort. I want You to use it on Your projects!


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