Sergej Mudruk



Sergej Mudruk is Team Lead Engineering in the mobile cluster at XING SE. Finished economics studies in 2000 in the Ukraine, afterwards studied computer science in Hamburg. With only few testers at XING in May 2008, he participated in the introduction of agile testing processes in the company to the current state of the testing community with more than 40 people. He worked at first on the development of the internal testing infrastructure. Afterwards he was tester in the first agile development team within the company. Since middle of 2012, he is a member of the mobile team with the main focus on the iPhone App. He is responsible for all testing processes, including test planning, manual testing and test automation.


Topic: Mobile release evolution @XING

Since 2011 XING develops iOS and Android apps in-house. During this 7 years we tried a lot of approaches and technologies. Especially the way how the apps are released to the end user was and is changing continuously. In this presentation, I would like to show the process of change of the release process from a few releases per year to a regular two-week release cycle for each platform. The challenge was to organize the efficient process after scaling of the mobile development at the company. Back in time only 1 team worked on both mobile apps. Today we have several asynchronously working contributor teams for every app in every release cycle.


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