Vadim Zubovich



Over 5 years of experience in QA Automation. Have been working mainly with UI automation, have tried various platforms Web/Desktop/Mobile. Favorite tool – Selenium WebDriver and it’s “spinoffs”. Current passion – building automation project architecture and processes. Also I’m an experienced conference speaker and trainer in QA Automation field.


Topic: Good looking performance testing

Everyone who has tested performance has encountered the difficulty of making the reports easy to understand, transparent and well visualized for the customer. It’s crucially important to select the “correct” metrics and develop load profiles, but at the end of the day if the customer sees just the boring and confusing curves on the white background they may even abandon performance testing at all because the result won’t be transparent. Let’s see how we can improve the impression of performance testing results by integrating JMeter with the powerful visualization tool – Grafana.


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