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Anton Semenchenko

COMAQA.by, Belarus

About Anton Semenchenko

Anton Semenchenko – co-founder / activist of communities COMAQA.by, C/C++ and lower COREHARD.by, IT specialists who relocated to Minsk InterIT.by, co-founder of DPI.Solutions company, manager at EPAM Systems. More than 16 years of IT experience, main specialization: automated testing, low-level development using C++ and lower, management, trainings, sales.


Does BDD Adds Additional Architectural Limitations on Solutions for Front-End and Back-End Automation Testing?

Adding BDD regularly arise either unjustified enthusiasm, or persistent resistance of tech specialists. Some terminology disputes are arising: meaning BDT but saying BDD; formulating developers requirements using Gherkin, but not implement “supportive” practices and call that, at least one sided controversial approach – “true BDD”; affirm that BDD and Waterfall incompatible … So what is BDDT in general? The borders of applicability and non-applicability? What can that approach give us, and what is guaranteed not to be given? Can we \ should we use BDDT while working with back-end automation? Do tech specialists right when they discuss tech limitations and “limited flow of developer’s fantasy”. What tech restrictions do BDD engines bring?
Let’s answer all those questions. Come join us, it’s going to be holywar-ish.