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Artem Sokovets

Sberbank-Technology, Russia

About Artem Sokovets

I am Artem Sokovets from Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg and have experience in test automation. I work at Sberbank-Technology on position Leading Engineer of Automation QA (responsibilities: CI/CD, selenium grid (openshift), development of automated scripts and QA tools). Have Java Certifications: OCA, OCP 7 and experience as a local speaker of Russian Conferences (SQADays, SberDays, etc) and test automation meetups. Was a volunteer (team of organizers) at the SeleniumConf Chicago 2018. Attended an Oracle JavaOne (CodeOne) conference in San-Francisco, 2018. Also I publish technical articles at habr.com and course of Automation QA for inner use at Sberbank-Technology (demo).


On the Other Side of Page Object

In the test automation industry, the Page Object pattern has been used for more than 8 years. During this time, Java has been updated from JDK7 to JDK11. It’s time to update the Page Object pattern. Atlas – Next Generation of Page Object, which uses the interfaces instead of classes, Page Object tree structure, embedded waits and clear assertions. In talk, I will tell about the core functionality of the framework, the developer, which I am and show it extension points. I will also demonstrate how to use one PageObject for two platform: IOS & Android without boilerplate code.

Session Keywords

Selenium API



Next Generation of Page Object