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Dmitry Khimion

Avito, Russia

About Dmitry Khimion

Dmitry is head of quality assurance at Avito. Aiming quality in our company his main goal is to innovate testing and quality assurance in all software development world. He is experienced in test automation, problem management, quality measurement and metrics, functional testing etc. During his 13 years QA experience there were a lot of exciting projects like IoT device HW/SW testing, robotization of testing, game development testing and so on.


"Production Incident Evaluation" as Cost of Quality

Has it ever happened in your practice that the incident, which until recently seemed minor, led to the fact that the whole production was in horrible degradation? Or a bug that at first seemed like an insane disaster, finally affected almost nothing? How to understand the real/actual impact and recognize the time bomb in bug- and crash- stream?
Dealing with failures we should clearly understand:
* root causes of failure.
* event or trigger which caused the failure.
* the problem size and its impact on business.
About these and other characteristics it will be told in my report.
We will also discuss the practice of considering production failures we’re using at Avito to understand the problem inside and decision making.

Session Keywords

Production Incidents

Incident Evaluation

Software Fault Prevention