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Kristel Kruustük

Testlio, Estonia

About Kristel Kruustük

Six years ago Kristel became frustrated by how QA testers were treated. She imagined a platform appreciating the work of testers and elevating the importance of QA within organizations. Her passion to create a change in the field I love led me to start her own company. Today, she is the founder and Chief Testing Officer of Testlio.


How To Elevate QA In Your Organization

As the mobile app ecosystem is getting increasingly competitive, 85% of people are unlikely to do business with a company following a bad mobile experience. The importance of guaranteeing quality and great customer experiences is clear – and this is where exceptional QA comes into play. But who is responsible for quality and how can a tester impact customer experiences?

QA is traditionally a siloed role that separates software testing from development, product, and other teams. But as development cycles move faster and quality demands get more rigorous, many teams have learned that everyone should be concerned with the quality of your product.

In this session, I will tackle the key aspects of building a scalable QA practice to drive growth in a highly competitive space: what it takes to scale QA and deliver amazing user experiences.