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Martin Koch

andagon GmbH, Germany

About Martin Koch

A fixed parameter in the andagon world as early as 2004, today, Martin Koch is responsible for product management concerning anything to do with andagon’s QA software aqua.

Process consulting ITIL – focussing on release – and change management, QM, QA as well as requirements management all belong to his job profile. Equally, project work for customers such as T-Mobile/Telekom and Vodafone. He started off as a Java lead developer, development and project leader for the iTAP project before taking care of conception and development within the aqua team.

In addition to his diploma in computer science, Martin Koch also contributes to the company with his experience in banking, as a developer and graphic designer for interactive media (video game ‘Creatures’) and as a developer of the telecooperation software used by the aircraft construction company Airbus.


Agile Test Management Joins DevOps

It’s 2019 and test management needs to move faster than ever before. 

How to combine classic manual testing, test automation, DevOps and smart test management for better results with reduced effort and headaches.

We are showing in an hands on approach, how modern QA and tooling can make your life easier.