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Neven Matas

Infinum, Croatia

About Neven Matas

QA Team Lead at Infinum (170+ employees), an independent digital agency from Zagreb, Croatia. 3+ years of experience in the QA field. Employed 10+ people and grew the QA team from 3 to 13 people. Focused on mobile app testing (native Android & iOS apps) and UX. Improved and implemented many quality processes on both software projects and within my own team. Advocate for agile methodologies with experience being a scrum master and product owner.
Blog posts: https://infinum.co/the-capsized-eight/author/neven-matas
Attended Quest for Quality 2017 in Ljubljana and Quest for Quality 2018 in Dublin (ended up in top 10 best presentations voted by conference attendees).


Why a Growing Company Needs a Growing QA Team

This presentation would provide you with the lessons I learned during a 3-year attempt to build up a QA team in the midst of extreme company growth and with little foundation to work with.

When I came to Infinum I was the 3rd member of a small team which was increasingly recognized by the management as an important role on the rapidly multiplying software projects we were taking in. I was soon tasked with leading and building up the team to a level where we could easily adapt to changes in the number of projects on our hands, as well as changes in project duration and complexity.

Some of the challenges I had to deal with were:

– Lack of company awareness for QA processes
– Lack of collaboration between QA, project management, design, and development
– Lack of QA processes altogether
– Introducing people with little to no technical skills or expertise into the QA field
– Balancing the workload between team members
– Working on both small scale (2-3) and larger (20-30) person projects

– Finding a way to adapt QA methods to agile, fast-paced projects

It simultaneously gave me a unique opportunity to build up a team from scratch and to assemble it in a way that fully fits the unique requirements of an agency setting.

I will present some solutions we found for the aforementioned and how we strive to improve ourselves on a weekly basis. I believe my presentation could be interesting to anyone leading a team of QA engineers from juniors or senior.

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