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Vadim Zubovich

COMAQA, Belarus

About Vadim Zubovich

Over 5 years of experience in QA Automation. Have been working mainly with UI automation, have tried various platforms Web/Desktop/Mobile. Favorite tool – Selenium WebDriver and it’s “spinoffs”. Current passion – building automation project architecture and processes. Also I’m an experienced conference speaker and trainer in QA Automation field.


Automation Engineer’s Way to Continuous Integration

Continuous integration is the main goal when it comes to test automation on the project, without it the whole point of automation is lost. However there’s no single correct recipe for CI on the project because CI is the practice and a global approach that is built upon certain technical solutions which there are plenty of today. In this talk we will go through various approaches to arranging continuous integration process, discuss ups and downs of certain variants and last but not least will talk about the hidden icebergs that you can hit when utilizing this or that tool or approach.