TestCon Moscow 2021

Hybrid Edition

7-9 Сентября


Christina Thalayasingam

Test Engineering Manager

Northwestern Mutual, US


Christina Thalayasingam has more than 7 years of experience in both functional and non-functional testing. She possesses a development background. Since she has worked on PHP Web Development and Android Mobile Development before taking up Quality Engineering. She has worked in automate testing content management systems for the UK government, point of sales applications, eCommerce applications, and clinical trial applications. She has worked on-site in the UK on projects with the UK government sector and major food supply chain management companies. Christina is currently working as a Senior Test Engineer at Medidata Solutions by Dassault Systèmes®, an award-winning company that develops and markets software as a service (SaaS) for clinical trials. Also, she has been part of various prestigious conferences, technical meetups and webinars. She is a software testing evangelist.


Softs You Need to Run the Perfect Load Test

Performance of the end-product has become vital; hence performance testing has started getting more important in the software development cycle. Many think load testing === performance testing but that is not the case. Load testing is an important type of performance testing. Most testing teams do try to conduct load testing, but many fail to find the real issues/bottlenecks in the application. There is a perception that if you know how to execute tests with load testing tools you are good to go forward to create/conduct the load tests. Well, that alone would not let you mimic the real-world load. This means you will not be able to spot the real issues. To create such useful tests you need to do the right groundwork. The tester/test engineer involved needs to possess some important skills to make this a reality. This talk will help you understand the skills you need to set up a robust load testing process. Make sure that the load testing you are conducting is conducted in a manner so that it puts the spotlight on real issues. Design your tests to gather the real picture of the way the application is used.

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