TestCon Moscow 2022

24 – 27 oктября

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Pragati Sharma

Senior Quality Consultant

ThoughtWorks, India


Pragati is a QA enthusiast who has a total of 4.5 years of experience in the QA world and at present she is working as a Senior Quality Consultant with ThoughtWorks. She has worked mostly on Microservices testing, primarily REST and GraphQL. She has a fair share of experience in Web Automation scaling over a variety of tools and frameworks: Selenium, Cucumber, rest-assured, Taiko, Gauge, Cypress, Karate. She has a proficient experience in Accessibility Testing and Automation as well.


Basics of GraphQL and Testing GraphQL APIs

— Introduction to GraphQL APIs
— Difference between REST and GraphQL with real world analogies
— Origin of GraphQL with a problem statement
— Graph Schema for Web Application
— GraphiQL Documentation
— Network calls for a Test Web Application
— API Automation of GraphQL APIs using Postman
— Verifications of the schema as assertions
— Ordering of fields validation
— Comparing request schema with response schema
— Running postman test cases using collection runner
— Best Testing practices and use cases to be added for GraphQL Testing
— Pros and Cons of GraphQL

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