TestCon Moscow 2022

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Gjore Zaharchev

Seavus, Macedonia

Improved Regression Testing in Agile

The biggest question is there a correct way? He is not sure about the correct way but definitely, he knows for a more useful approach.

Ключевые слова
🔑 Regression Testing
🔑 Heuristics

Nicole van der Hoeven

k6, The Netherlands

Schrödinger's Pokémon: Observability for Chaotic Load Testing

In this talk, Nicole discusses chaos engineering concepts and demonstrates how to apply them by incorporating load tests with chaos experiments and setting up observability tools to watch it all happen. Because without observability, how can we tell whether Schrödinger’s pokémon is alive or dead?

Ключевые слова
🔑 Chaos Engineering
🔑 Performance Testing
🔑 Observability

Roman Nedzelsky

DHL IT Services, Czech Republic

Automated Testing Using Azure DevOps

During this session, he would like to explain the basics of the testing possibilities in the Microsoft Azure DevOps ecosystem and how it can be enhanced to fit your purpose based on my own story as an IT Manager.

Ключевые слова
🔑 Automation
🔑 Azure
🔑 DevOps

Roman Zakharov

Yousician, Finland

Automating Audio Tests? Sounds Good!

During this talk, Roman will show how developing a custom toolkit allowed Yousician to automate testing of the audio apps. This topic will be particularly useful for QA Engineers in the game and media industries.

Ключевые слова
🔑 Automation
🔑 Audio Testing

Василий Буров

Kaspersky Lab, Россия

Тестирование на Проникновение Как Анализ Защищенности Windows Приложений

В настоящее время информационная безопасность является одной из важнейших компонент в любой организации, так как несанкционированный доступ к информации может привести не только к материальным потерям, но и к полному краху компании. Поэтому для того, чтобы избежать указанных последствий, необходимо проводить анализ защищенности информационных систем. Одним из самых действенных способов такого анализа является использование методов тестирования на проникновение.

Ключевые слова
🔑 Security Testing
🔑 Ethical Hacking
🔑 Microsoft Windows

Oliver Zeigermann

embarc Software Consulting, Germany

Visual Regression Testing with Neural Networks

In the first part of this talk, he will show how to set up and run visual regression tests and how to use them to detect bugs. The second part does the mentioned experiment where we teach a neural network how our application looks in principle.

Ключевые слова
🔑 Regression Testing
🔑 Visual Testing
🔑 Neural Networks

Szilard Szell

Eficode, Finland

How Testing is Evolving in DevOps

Building a Test Strategy in DevOps is not only about Test Automation, but how built-in-quality can be achieved in all steps of the SW development, within and outside of your CI/CD pipeline.

Ключевые слова
🔑 Testing Strategy
🔑 DevOps

Сергей Шаикин

Libertex Group, Черногория

Недооцененная Kibana

— Тестирование бекэнда;
— Значение логов;
— Способы просмотра и анализа логов;
— Kibana — как универсальный инструмент для просмотра логов и не только;
— Другие полезные для тестировщика возможности Kibana;

Ключевые слова
🔑 Backend Testing
🔑 Logs
🔑 Kibana

The Art of (Backend) Component Testing

This talk is all about code-level patterns and practices for writing GREAT component tests. It shows live how to write component tests that tick the good from all worlds: As fast as unit tests (well, almost) and as realistic as E2E.

Ключевые слова
🔑 Component Testing
🔑 Microservices
🔑 Backend