TestCon Moscow 2022

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Alexandre Cuva

Alcor.Academy (SoCraAgile), Switzerland

The Monster "Shift Left Testing" !!!

We heard about «Shift Left Testing», it’s the current buzzword, we hear in many organizations. And organizations are struggling to put it in place. Developers argue it’s not their work. QA arguing we stole their work. It is really a monster or just a kid monster. And we should learn to work with it to our advantage?

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🔑 Software Crafts

Fabian Basciani

J.P. Morgan Asset Management, UK

Quality Assurance 101

In this talk, we will go back to the crawling stage of quality assurance. This talk is a reminder of the baby steps we must do before we start flying with a fully automated integration test suite that is hooked into our automated deployment pipeline. We will discuss what a good unit test is and what a bad one is and why it matters. Discuss good quality assurance habits and bad ones. After this talk partitioners will know and/or remember the fundamentals of writing high-quality automated tests and software.

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🔑 Automation
🔑 Unit Tests
🔑 Software Design

Do You Know How Good You Are at Test Design? We Don’t Think So. Why?

In my presentation, Istvan will show (demo) how to use their website, their test design tools for testing features that are difficult to test.

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🔑 Test Design
🔑 Mutation Testing
🔑 Test Exercises Framework

Steve Upton

Thoughtworks, Germany

The Affordances of Quality

This talk looks at the human-centered design and the design of doors and other everyday things to explore how subtle aspects of the design can help us build in quality much more effectively.

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🔑 Testability
🔑 Continuous Delivery
🔑 Human Centered Design

Nikolay Avramov

Automate The Planet, Bulgaria

Surviving UI Automation Armageddon with BELLATRIX

In this session, Nikolay will show not only how their tests survived, but how they became the most valuable asset, contributing to the potential success of this project.

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🔑 Automation
🔑 Selenium
🔑 Bellatrix
🔑 UI

Rolf Molich

Automate DialogDesign, Denmark

If the Users Can’t Use It, It Doesn’t Work

The talk will show examples of usability problems and explain the “think-aloud” method for usability testing. It will also explain how usability testing fits into the software development cycle, and how usability is much more than cool design and clever animations. Good usability helps your users get their job done fast and comfortably.

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🔑 Usability
🔑 User Experience

Ron Werner

Cazoo, Germany

The X-Factor

In this talk, we will take a close look at prominent IT breakthroughs & blunders, taking you over 40 years back to epic 1979 (when Atari’s breakthrough arcade game Asteroids was published, the first human in history was killed by a robot, and G. Myers wrote his famous book “The Art of Software Testing”). We’ll peek past the bloated buzzwords and expectations of the IT and Software Testing industry, and do what testers can do best: ask questions.

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🔑 Product Development
🔑 Quality
🔑 Success

Sargis Sargsyan

Picsart, Armenia

How We Run Thousands of Selenium Test Within 30 Min

Performance is one of the main painful areas of UI test suits. Usually, engineers try to log in, log out, navigate, create data, execute an action from the UI via Selenium, then, in the end, perform test assertions. This creates serious performance issues for the Selenium suite and makes Selenium tests more brittle. We could face fewer problems if the test data creation and deletion will be done before the UI test will start the run. This will help to create independent tests later to be able to run them in parallel.

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🔑 Webdriver
🔑 Selenium
🔑 Parallel Runs
🔑 Test Data Preparation