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Ben Linders

Ben Linders Consulting, Netherlands

About Ben Linders

Ben Linders: Trainer / Coach / Adviser / Author / Speaker

Ben Linders is an Independent Consultant in Agile, Lean, Quality, and Continuous Improvement, based in The Netherlands. Author of Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives, Waardevolle Agile Retrospectives, What Drives Quality and Continuous Improvement. Creator of the Agile Self-assessment Game.

As an adviser, coach and trainer he helps organizations with deploying effective software development and management practices. He focuses on continuous improvement, collaboration and communication, and professional development, to deliver business value to customers.

Ben is an active member of networks on Agile, Lean, and Quality, and a well known speaker and author. He shares his experiences in a bilingual blog (Dutch and English), as an editor for Culture and Methods at InfoQ, and as an expert in communities like Computable, Quora, DZone, and TechTarget.


Improving Software Quality with Retrospectives

Agile Retrospectives can be used to investigate quality issues or to agree upon actions that can improve the quality of the software that is delivered. They complement testing and provide solutions to learn and build quality in from the start. An agile retrospective is a practice for teams to reflect, learn, and to continuously become better in what they do. They focus on the process to help teams to improve products and deliver more value.

In this presentation I’ll provide suggestions with examples of what you can do in your agile retrospectives to improve software quality:
• Explore major or repeating problems with a Root Cause Analysis.
• Do a futurespective for building an awesome product.
• Reflect on your quality practices with the Agile Self-Assessment Game.
• Solve quality issues with a Stop the Line exercise.

Session Keywords


Root Cause Analysis


Continuous Improvement