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Darya Manuchina

Kaluga Astral, Russia

About Darya Manuchina

First time I faced with software testing during my research. In 2010 I became PhD. My research allows me to improve my tester’s skills everyday. After that I started my career as Sharepoint specialist but continued my research at Moscow Bauman State Technical University. One time I decided to change my life, to change my mindset and I found out the amazing world of software testing. Here I faced a lot of problems. I started my way from an understanding of the objectives, structure, approaches of testing, based on the structural and risk-oriented approach through the QMS system. Now I work in the product Scrum Team. I am passionate about testing, investigation of new approaches. I try through continuous improvement of the testing process improve not only the products, but also the process of its development. Last year I became the Product Owner. Now I am testing as early as possible: I am testing ideas!


Beta testing. Change course in flight.

A year ago, our company set one of the most ambitious goal for our Team. Launching a flagship product for submitting electronic reporting on an exhausted and full of competitors market with a close beta testing phase. I would like to tell you what problems we faced on the way and about successful solutions to them. I will share our experience in building and implementing a beta-testing strategy for a project based on microservice architecture, when the cost of an error is not only the client’s rejection of the product, but also real fines from regulatory authorities. We will summarize: what is beta testing in the modern world, how to prepare for it and how to maximize profitable to take into account all the information received to improve the release of the product.

Session Keywords

Beta Testing


UX Testing