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Jeroen Rosink

Squerist, Netherlands

About Jeroen Rosink

Jeroen is a passionate test professional with about 20 years of experience in testing, test management and executing, coordinating, coaching and advising roles. He gave training and workshops internally in the companyas well externally. Driven by his passion he always search for those things which makes our occupation valuable and interesting.


Tester! Plan Your Ride to the Moon

IOT, AI, ML, Mobile Apps, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain these are some of the technologies which are no longer buzzwords. Some of them are quite new. Some of them are already in mastering stage in software testing. Shift left and shift right become familiar to us. Now it is time to shift up!

Over the last few years people have spoken about cognitive biases. Who hasn’t seen the movie with the gorilla explaining unintentional blindness? How this way of observing things can help us to become better testers. To help you prevent missing that bug.

To understand what is happening know we have to be aware what these technologies are. During the presentation a short view on these technologies will be provided and how it impact testing. To understand the possible impact of these technologies on each other we take a ride to the moon.

Each possible impact has impact on our way of testing. To be aware how we have to adjust our skills. What will happen when we combine AI with Big data, and what skills are needed?  What can possibly wrong and can we survive in world focus on fast delivery?

At the end we come back to earth and be aware how to survive in a world who is changing. Who survives the moon will have more knowledge on how to live on earth and able to add value to organizations of the future

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Exploratory Testing and How to Implement It in Your Organization

In a world of changes and agility the need for faster testing grows. The demand for adjusting your tests at the moment of deliverance is rising. Exploratory testing is an approach to deal with these demands. In this workshop you will learn the basics of exploratory testing from session based testing to free format exploratory testing. As each organization is different; using this approach might have different challenges.

This course is about the basics of Exploratory testing. The experience how to do this. The ways to implement it in your organization.

At the end the participant will be aware about the different approaches and some take-aways how to start in their organization.