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Axel Rennoch

Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany


Internet of Things Quality Assurance

Internet of Things (IoT) opens new opportunities for people and businesses to simplify operations, gain insight, and deliver services. At the same time, however, it poses great challenges for society and industry, especially for the quality of products. IoT solutions are generally characterized by openness, distribution, dynamics, scaling, and a long service life.

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Robert Lynch

Murex, Ireland


Performance Testing with a “Big Data Tool”

Performance testing on financial software is massively complex and challenging.
This is the story of how we started to use Splunk (Big Data visualization tool) to help test and debug performance problems at the code level at Murex. During this presentation the old system will be discussed together with its draw backs and how Splunk replaced and enhanced our workflows. My motivation for creating this system was to reduce my workload of analyzing “Big Data” for testing.

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Csaba Szokocs

evosoft Hungary Kft., Hungary


Risk Based Testing in Agile Teams

Agile teams have increased test responsibility, and risk based testing is a great tool to support them in this direction. It helps establishing a test driven approach in the team, finding value in testing activities and exploring the most critical parts of user stories, without being boring.

Anton Zotin

Agileism, Germany


Why You Should not Start an Agile Transformation

Agile is a buzzword these days. Everyone wants to become Agile. And vou la your company is already in the middle of an Agile transformation. Why? Well. All articles/talks/rumors say how awesome it will be there.
But I would like to share another story. One that is hard to hear. The dark and the sad one. What downsides you will experience on that journey. How it will negativly affect your business. What will be your losses. And how not to make this situation even worse.
I do not want to blame Agile here, but I want honestly to take a look at the dark side of the Moon. Forewarned is forearmed.

Sergey Khrenov

PVS-Studio, Russia


Static analysis as an additional barrier against bugs

Quality and security are important for your code, aren’t they? Do you think your code is quite nice? Are you already sure that compiler warnings, Code-Review and Unit-tests guarantee reliability? Then this report is for you! In the report, I will try to answer the question: “What else can I do to improve the quality of my code?”

Vadim Zubovich

COMAQA, Belarus


Coming soon.

Aneta Petkova

SumUp, Bulgaria


The Framework That Knows Its Bugs

It’s often discussed how expensive test automation is. However, in many instances people only consider the effort needed to implement a framework, add test cases and maintain all that as requirements evolve…

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Sergey Popov

Liga A., Russia


Testing frontend in 2019

Development does not stand in one place. The quality standards that were relevant 3-5 years ago are now outdated. New technologies have come, the community has focused on other issues. All this leads to a change in the approach and direction of testing the frontend. If earlier it was only according to the layout, now performance, validity, accessibility and quality of the markup are coming to the fore. These are basic things that affect search engine promotion, the ability to use sites and high-quality metrics. I will explain why these parameters are important and necessary and how they can be tested using modern tools.

Anastasiya Nikiforova

Kaspersky Lab, Russia

Darya Sinitsyna

Kaspersky Lab, Russia


Лингвистическое и косметическое тестирование программ «Лаборатории Касперского»: путь от ручного до автоматизированного тестирования

Лингвистическое и косметическое тестирование интерфейса приложений имеет важное значение в жизненном цикле приложения. Согласитесь, что гораздо комфортнее пользоваться приложением, когда его интерфейс понятен и приятен. С улучшением качества приложения повышается его ценность. В презентации будут рассмотрены различные подходы лингвистического и косметического тестирования интерфейса приложений «Лаборатории Касперского», начиная от ручного тестирования и заканчивая автоматизированным. Детально разберем проблемы влияния локализации на функциональную часть приложения и их устранение.
О чем поговорим:
 – Лингвистическое и косметическое тестирование программ. С чего мы начинали. Подходы: охват многоуровневых окон, автоскриншоттинг и тестирование дельты, считывание текстов со скриншотов.
– Мультиязычные проекты: проверки каких проблемных зон локализации автоматизировать.
– Ошибки локализации, которые влияют на функциональную часть приложения. Нахождение этих ошибок.

Artem Sokovets

Sberbank-Technology, Russia


On the Other Side of Page Object

In the test automation industry, the Page Object pattern has been used for more than 8 years. During this time, Java has been updated from JDK7 to JDK11. It’s time to update the Page Object pattern. Atlas – Next Generation of Page Object, which uses the interfaces instead of classes, Page Object tree structure, embedded waits and clear assertions.

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Selenium API



Next Generation of Page Object

Milan Gabor

Viris, Slovenia


Security Testing Tools: Can I Touch You There?

During the presentation at one of the conferences devoted to testing and QA, I found out, that not so many testers are aware of security testing tools and also procedures during the testing process. On the other hand testing quite a big number of application on a yearly basis I see, that so many issues that end in our reports could be eliminated already in normal testing process.

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Security Testing



Vsevolod Brekelov

Grid Dynamics, Russia


Investigating Contract Testing

Have you ever faced with situation when you are following some Swagger contract defined but you’re receiving something unexpected? Have you ever seen people discussing API changes for hours during StandUps?

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Marina Kulikova

Redmadrobot, Russia


Optimization of Regression Tests

Let’s talk about the principles and approaches to optimizing regression testing. I will explain how to organize a regression testing process that helps to minimize errors. How to reduce the time and amount of product regression testing.

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Risk Based Analysis

Test Matrix

Dmitry Khimion

Avito, Russia


"Production Incident Evaluation" as Cost of Quality

Случалось ли в вашей практике такое, что инцидент, который ещё совсем недавно казался незначительным, приводил к тому, что пригорюнивался весь прод? Или баг, который поначалу казался катастрофой, в итоге, почти ни на что не влиял?

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Production Incidents

Incident Evaluation

Software Fault Prevention

Anton Semenchenko

COMAQA.by, Belarus


Does BDD Adds Additional Architectural Limitations on Solutions for Front-End and Back-End Automation Testing?

Adding BDD regularly arise either unjustified enthusiasm, or persistent resistance of tech specialists. Some terminology disputes are arising: meaning BDT but saying BDD; formulating developers requirements using Gherkin, but not implement “supportive” practices and call that, at least one sided controversial approach – “true BDD”; affirm that BDD and Waterfall incompatible…

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