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Vsevolod Brekelov

Grid Dynamics, Russia

About Vsevolod Brekelov

Passioned about software and good quality. Worked in different areas: Mobile, Desktop, Web with building testing frameworks from the Scratch. Worked as full stack developer as well. Lived in CA for 1.5 years while working @Google by the contract and decided that loves St Petersburg more. Now continue working @Grid Dynamics as a Software Developer and willing to learn new technologies, frameworks, languages, approaches, etc.


Investigating Contract Testing

Have you ever faced with situation when you are following some Swagger contract defined but you’re receiving something unexpected? Have you ever seen people discussing API changes for hours during StandUps? Have you heard from colleagues: “Why did you change this JSON structure? Now all the tests failing =(“? Please come over I have the same pain. But I’m going to talk with you about some possible solutions how we can resolve situations like that and make our lives easier(or not=)). Probably some of you already heard about Spring Cloud Contract or Pact. But I will show you how it really works in real life so we can compare them both. At the same time I’ve being using Protocol Buffers for a while and was using them at some point as a contract between UI and Backend. And it could be really good idea! I’ll present how we can do this and what issues we might have.

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