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Darya Sinitsyna

Kaspersky Lab, Russia

About Darya Sinitsyna

Инженер по локализации в «Лаборатории Касперского». Занимается локализацией интерфейса корпоративных продуктов компании (Kaspersky Security Center и Kaspersky Endpoint Security), документации и справок на разные языки. Проводит лингвистическое, косметическое и функциональное тестирование локализации продуктов с помощью различных внутренних утилит. Участвует в деятельности по автоматизации работы технических писателей и инженеров по локализации.


Linguistic and Esthetic Testing of Kaspersky Lab Software: a Path from Manual to Automated Testing

Linguistic and esthetic testing of application interfaces plays an important role in application life. You must admit that use of application is much more comfortable when its interface is nice and pretty. Application value increases proportionally with its quality improvement. The presentation will show different approaches to the linguistic and esthetic testing of Kaspersky Lab application interfaces starting from the manual testing and ending with the automated one. We will discuss the effect of localization on an application functionality and its mitigation in details.

What we are going to talk about:

– Linguistic and esthetic testing of software. Where we started. Approached: cover of multilevel windows, automatic making of screenshots and delta testing, reading text on a screenshot.

– Multilanguage projects: check problem points of localization to be automated.

– Localization errors affecting the application functionality. Finding these errors.