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Sergey Popov

Liga A., Russia

About Sergey Popov

CEO of frontend development outsourcing Liga A. Frontend developer with more than 9 years of experience. He began to impose more under Internet Explorer 7. Mentor of novice specialists, teacher of original courses, lectures and workshops on frontend development. Speaker of Russian and international industry conferences. The organizer of local communities and meetups — moscowcss and pitercss.


Testing frontend in 2019

Development does not stand in one place. The quality standards that were relevant 3-5 years ago are now outdated. New technologies have come, the community has focused on other issues. All this leads to a change in the approach and direction of testing the frontend. If earlier it was only according to the layout, now performance, validity, accessibility and quality of the markup are coming to the fore. These are basic things that affect search engine promotion, the ability to use sites and high-quality metrics. I will explain why these parameters are important and necessary and how they can be tested using modern tools.