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Nicolae Oprean

ITIVITI, Romania

About Nicolae Oprean

Passionate QA Engineer with almost 10 years experience as a QA Engineer and over 15 years in IT field. Specialized on High Touch trading solution, GUI automation on Test Complete, performance testing and QA professional trainer.


Building GUI Testing Automation Framework from Scratch

Sooner or later you, as a QA Engineer, will be asked to work on Automation in order to deliver faster but properly tested application. What if you have a GUI Application that does not have anything automated and you are in charge to build a new Automation Framework from scratch? Do you know where to start? What are the tools you should use? What are the things you have to consider?

The purpose of the workshop is to provide you a reference based on my experience, suggestions on the strategy you should use, difficulties you might face and how to overcome them. What tools are the right choice for GUI Automation? How you need to structure your Automation Code Base in order to share common libraries between different people, teams or projects? How about the business functionality? How to organize your libraries for easy access and ease your future development. In the end you will learn how to build and structure an Automation Framework including adding new test cases in order to increase automation coverage.

You will learn how to integrate your automation test project with Jenkins for fast and transparent test reports on Smoke Tests or Regression suite.