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Marina Kulikova

Redmadrobot, Russia

About Marina Kulikova

Marina Kulikova, Head of QA/QC department  in “Redmadrobot”.
For 10 years she went from a testing specialist to a direction manager. She organizes team work, optimizes and automates tests, develops employee competencies. Marina oversees the process of ensuring the quality of processes in the company and business partners. She leads an expert course on quality control techniques for mobile, web and desktop products in the Binary District Moscow. Marina is the organizer of the QA School in “Redmadrobot”. She participates in the development of the professional QA / QC community in Russia. Marina is also a regular speaker at product development events.


Optimization of Regression Tests

Let’s talk about the principles and approaches to optimizing regression testing.
I will explain how to organize a regression testing process that helps to minimize errors. How to reduce the time and amount of product regression testing. I will present techniques for optimizing regression tests and tools that complement them. I will give practical advice that the “Redmadrobot” team uses and which will be useful for beginners and experienced QA specialists.

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Risk Based Analysis

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