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Peter Gribanov

1C, Russia

About Peter Gribanov

My IT career is all about enterprise software and ERP systems. I started as an application developer, then changed area to tools and frameworks for biz applications development (i.e. became tools developer for biz applications developers). Grew from developer via systems architect and project manager to R’n’D Director, worked for number of business software vendors (iScala, Epicor, Microsoft).  Now I joined 1C whose development framework I suppose one of the best on the market.
Enterprise software quality has always been one of the most exciting and challenging area for me. During 20+ years in software industry I’ve tried many approaches and methodologies and still learning!


How We in 1C Test Software That Runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS and Used by 1.5M Enterprises and 5M End Users.

In 1C we produce tools & frameworks for rapid development of cross-platform business software. Our software runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, uses RDBMS MS SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL.
Our software is used by 1.5M enterprises and 5M end users.
Our software runs by individual entrepreneurs and large enterprises.
Our codebase is 10M lines.
Testing such a soft is nontrivial task and big responsibility. On the one hand we produce development tools so we have to test tools like Visual Studio of Eclipse. On the other hand we produce runtime environment for business applications so we have to test something like .NET framework or Java runtime. And don’t forget about stress testing and load testing since our software serves large enterprises and cloud applications with tens of thousands of simultaneous users.
I’d like to tell how we handle this task, what approaches and tools we use and what we achieved. Thousands of VMs running all supported OS and DBMS, infrastructure health indicators dashboards, tools which are industry standards and tools developed by us – we use everything that suites us or develop it by our own.

Session Keywords

Cross-platform Software Test

Stress Test

Enterprise Software Test

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