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Aneta Petkova

SumUp, Bulgaria

About Aneta Petkova

Aneta is a software engineer with a mild obsession with efficiency in everything from testing to making the perfect cup of hot chocolate. Her focus is on functional automated testing and web applications. She’s been testing software for several different industries and now she’s making a return to electronic payments as a Local QA Chapter Lead at SumUp. She believes that the freedom to do what you love, the way you love, is the key to productivity in software companies.


The Framework That Knows Its Bugs

It’s often discussed how expensive test automation is. However, in many instances people only consider the effort needed to implement a framework, add test cases and maintain all that as requirements evolve. And a very important component remains overlooked – the regular monitoring of the test results, including detecting defects both in the automation framework or the product, logging them in a tracking system and disregarding failures caused by known issues. This talk is all about minimising said component – by integrating the test framework and the bug tracking system, and automating not just the testing, but also part of the administrative activities related to testing. This can be done between any system, providing public API, and a framework in any language, and the benefits can include logging defects, attaching error stack traces or screenshots – possibilities are endless.

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