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Cafer Ömürden Cengiz

Hipo, Turkey

About Cafer Ömürden Cengiz

Ömürden is working as QA Lead in Hipo, also he is the founder of QAIst Meetup group in Turkey. Over the past 10 years, he worked in CRM and Telco projects in world-wide companies like Nortel and Huawei and in set-top box projects. For 4 years, Ömürden is testing mobile apps and responsive websites.
As a lead, he tries to improve testing processes for both small and big teams according to needs. Ömürden is experienced in mobile app automation testing and tools. Loves to break things in daily life for better products.


Test in the wild for better mobile applications

Testers are focusing on to learn and improve their technical knowledge to reduce bugs on products. But  test cycle outputs show that, technical knowledge is not enough for a great product. Also bug-free doesn’t mean product is perfect. 
Testing mobile applications in office environment has advantages but also lots of disadvantages like operational blindness, disturbed by team mates and lack of user experience. Sometimes, this environment can be our biggest enemy for great products. 
In the wild testing is a method that helps testers to focus on product and user experience to create better products by understanding what are real user requirements. 
In this presentation, we’ll talk about advantages and tools for in the wild testing. Also attendees will gain different perspectives for testing  different mobile apps by examples.

Session Keywords

In the Wild Testing

Agile Testing

User Experience