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Tim Koopmans

Tricentis Flood, Australia

About Tim Koopmans

Following a decade long career as an Australian Army Officer, Tim spent the last 15 years working as an independent consultant in performance, development and operations of IT systems. Tim has worked with clients from the retail, finance, telecommunications, government and private sectors in Australia and around the world.
Tim helps make the Internet fast at flood.io, a distributed cloud-based load testing platform for everyone. When his 150ms ping is too slow to work remotely, he finds himself on the next 20h flight to work locally.


Cognitive Biases in Performance Testing

Performance testing is subject to a host of cognitive biases, affecting our decision making, our beliefs, our behavior, and more. People are pattern- and narrative-matchers. Even in the relatively narrow context of our work, we’re susceptible to selecting the story we find interesting, compelling, familiar, and/or conrmatory – and then using data to support the narratives we like.

This talk will explore the wide range of cognitive biases we carry, and their effect on our performance testing experiences. What are the common reasoning mistakes we make, and why are we still making them? What are the mistakes our stakeholders make, and how can we help in avoiding them?

Part psychological, part technical, you’ll leave this talk feeling a little less biased – or at least, more aware of your biases.

Session Keywords

Cognitive Biases

Performance Analysis