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Saar Rachamim

Gett, Israel

About Saar Rachamim

I have a degree of B.sc in Computer Science from the Academic Tel Aviv Jaffa academic institute. I have been working with Appium, Selenium and API testing at the last 6 years. I am fond of developing Automation tools in different technologies. Currently working at Gett, which is a global on demand mobility company that connects customers with transportation, goods and services. customers can order a taxi or courier using the company’s based GPS based app.


Develop Your Own Performance Tool Integrated with Selenium

Integration of Selenium as part of Automation tools is not something that is considered every day. the question is “why”. Automation developers that test UI of their product, use it on their daily work, some of them can be considered as experts at their eld, but when development of automation tools is considered, mixing the two is not even considered as idea. In one of my projects, I encountered a situation where joining Selenium started as idea and formed to be part of the solution. While giving a live demo, I will explain not only the “why” and “what”, but also the “how”- How to take a problem we all face and translate it to code. I will consider the talk as success if someone who will take part in the talk, will start to be more creative and think out of the box in his daily work.

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Selenium Basics

Web applications are becoming a part of each business in the marketplace, Selenium gives the solution needed for UI Automation testing for Web Applications. It supports several browsers, operating system, coding languages etc. Selenium has a large community who supports and extends the code. It is an open source and widely used. Due to the above, when thinking about Web Automation Testing, Selenium is the first solution that come to mind.

The workshop will give you the tools and the personal experience in building from scratch an infrastructure for automating web app that will support different browsers. The skeleton you will build can be widen to a full support needed in your current position or lead to a step up for the next project you will face in the future.