Jana Shishkina

Service Plus, Russia


Leading Software Testing Engineer, she has been working in IT sphere for more than 5 years. She started her career as a system administrator, she joined “Service Plus” a year ago as a manual tester for a new UKM5 project, but she immediately decided that manual testing cannot provide worthy product quality, did a great job for organizing the testing process on the project, and built Test Automation from scratch.
During her job, she uses Mocha, Chai, Node.js and Selenium Webdriver technologies. She knows how to build Continuous Integration, and she is a great fan of checking software using tricky ways.
Jana is interested in journalism and she can write about everything in the world.


Topic: Through hardships to the quality

Per aspera ad astra is the quotation of Roman philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca meaning “through hardships to the stars”. The same way the new program product to quality follows. We would like to report in our speech about how to build Test Automation from scratch and to keep high-class product quality. We are going to talk about some problems we have faced with during the process of test automation using Selenium Webdriver, Protractor and JMeter software tools. Also, we are going to tell you about how to fall in love with Unit-test.

Have you ever thought that fast-developing IT technologies would destroy manual-test soon? We will tell you about our point of view concerning this theme and as well we will discuss to what automation of everything can lead.

Considerable teachers at the university told us: “If you study to be a programmer and you go to work in testing area you make a step back”. Also a lot of people think that everyone can test without special skills. These two stereotypes are very popular. Jana will tell you how to make the profession “software tester” to be sounded proud from your mouth and she will report also about how her career started and developed.


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