Karolina Zmitrowicz



Karolina has a strong experience in the fields of requirements engineering, business analysis, project management and quality management. She has international experience in financial sector – she used to work for leading financial organizations in South Africa, Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia, Italy and Poland.

Between 2011 and 2013 she was an active member of REQB® Board. Today, she continues work on requirements engineering standardization supporting IREB®.

She is one of the main authors of IQBBA® (former IBAQB) certification scheme for business analysts. She is an active member of several organizations acting to increase knowledge and maturity of requirements engineering and QA community.

Karolina currently works as freelance IT consultant and trainer in requirements engineering, business analysis and quality management fields helping the customers to optimize their operations and development processes to achieve better business value.


Topic: Managing quality – Agile way

Agile is becoming more and more popular approach to project realization. It provides a lot of benefits and facilitates works of many organizations however it can bring some risks too.
How to manage complex, international and strategic project following Agile when there is a need to ensure formal quality management processes?
The main objective of this talk is to discuss the possible ways of incorporating some formality into Agile world so that the required level of quality and necessary evidences and processes can be ensured. Presented solutions will be based on a real case study of a project conducted for one of strategic customers of IT organization.
During the talk I will present approaches to establishing quality process – starting from defining the plan, organizing the resources needed to implement the plan, to progress monitoring and results evaluation. I will explain some challenges and problems we faced – problems resulted from project internal and external environment and the development approach itself. I will also present a solution – a process of quality management developed together with the team. The process covered information and communication management, automatic quality control and incident management while retaining Agile.


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