TestCon Moscow 2022

24 – 27 oктября

Москва и онлайн

Szymon Ramczykowski

Lead Test Engineer

Kainos, Poland


In testing since 2009. Lead Test Engineer, interested in all kinds of automation and improvements in the software development process. Szymon is experienced in leading QA activities across distributed teams in fast-paced agile projects. He is combining technical knowledge with interpersonal skills to ensure the best possible quality for delivered software.


Quick start to Karate api tests: learn how to enhance test automation of web application with fast and reliable test suite.

This workshop will cover Basics of API testing, setting up from scratch BDD framework for API testing, writing and executing first tests, tips and tricks for further exploration. This will be bring your own laptop workshops – no coding experience required, ability to setup working environment (java, maven, intellij ide) is a must. Create/Read/Update/Delete test. Most of the workshops will be in form of practical exercises with tests that will be run against real application.


  • Part 1: Introduction:
    • API tests in context of web app testing
    • Overview of tested application and Karate framework
    • Setup the framework and write first test
  • Part 2: Test Structure:
    • Key words in Karate Test framework
    • Setup and tear down methods overview
    • Create/Read/Update/Delete tests creation
  • Part 3: Advanced tips and tricks:
    • Data driven testing
    • Adding java code as a setup
    • Reusing existing tests in other suites

After the workshops the attendees will be able to reuse the knowledge gained during exercises, and will be able to implement and use the tool in their working environment.

Целевая аудитория

My workshop is directed to anyone interested in gaining knowledge how to write fast and reliable API tests using easy to use, low-code framework.

Предварительные условия курса


Java 8, Maven, Intellij.

Technical knowledge: basics of test automation, ability to write “Hello World” in java.