Gil Zilberfeld

Date: April 17, 2018

About the workshop

The fastest crash-course in BDD

Have you heard about BDD but was too scared to try it out?
Have you heard about TDD and BDD and ATDD and you’re overwhelmed with DD related acronyms?
When you hear “cucumber” and “gherkin” do you think about making salad?
Well, this workshop is for you.
In this crash course, we’ll learn the basics of BDD, the why and what. We’ll talk and write some stories in Gherkin, automate some tests (and some code) to learn the basics of behavior driven development. Of course, it’s going to be about Star Wars, why do you ask?
Since this is a crash course, it’s going to be a bit of talking, and mostly experimenting. You’ll need a laptop and an IDE (eclipse or IntelliJ) with Cucumber (but Visual Studio with SpecFlow also works.) That’s enough to start getting our hands dirty.
By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a grasp on how BDD fits into the development process, how testers can benefit and even guide development using test-first, and how to build a Death Star using BDD language and tests.
If it’s good enough for Darth Vader, it’s good enough for you.